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1) Posters Format:

The size of the posters to be displayed is:
100 cm (height) x 80 cm (width)

2) Manuscripts:

Length (number  of pages):

  • Poster presentations:  (up to) 4 pages.
  • Oral presentations:  (up to) 8 pages.
  • State of the art lectures:  (up to) 10 pages.

(In case of doubt please contact us).

The Guide for the Preparation of Manuscripts Ready for Reproduction is now available. Please follow the instructions very carefully. Manuscripts that do not fullfill the requirements won't be published.
Note: Absolute deadline for submitting manuscripts is definitely
Friday, September 3rd, 1999.
We are planning to have the book in a printed form within two months after the meeting, and therefore no exceptions to this deadline will be made!

Download Guide for the Preparation of Manuscripts Ready for Reproduction
as Word-file | PDF-file
Download sample
as Word-file | PDF-file

Note: Download sample.gif or go to page 3 of the sample.pdf for details about how the pages must be formatted for reproduction.

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