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Note: Absolute deadline for submitting manuscripts (see instructions) is definitely Friday, September 3rd, 1999.


Have a good trip to Konstanz!

A warm, hearty greeting is extended to all who will attend the 13th International Congress on Flavins & Flavoproteins. This symposium is to provide a forum for interdisciplinary scientific discussions to enhance our knowledge in an exciting field of modern biochemistry. The generous funding by various institutions and the enthusiastic response by invited speakers; discussion leaders and participants will ensure a vigorous exchange of ideas. Approaches to the field will span from theoretical to applied, from physical and chemical to biological, and from small proteins to complex systems.
We are pleased to provide 10 keynote lectures summarizing the current knowledge by leading researchers in the field. In addition, 26 invited lectures will be given and over 180 poster contributions representing the current state of research efforts will be on display. We are sure the poster sessions will generate a vivid exchange of ideas and prolific discussion.
Compared to previous congresses you will also note some changes, that we hope will contribute to the success of the meeting. We have tried to interest "new colleagues" working on timely topics, and to give a chance to as many young scientists as possible to present their work, and get attention. In view of the large number of poster presentations, we have modified the previous mode of discussion. The posters, however, will be on display during the whole week, and you should have ample opportunity to inspect each of them. Other changes regard the time schedule. The possibility to have one full day "off" in the middle of the week is thought to provide the opportunity to either interact with colleagues on topics of your own choice (we will organize this and provide meeting rooms on request) or to undertake excursions in the vicinities of Konstanz. This has forced us to condense some of the sessions, and to extend the schedule somewhat into the evenings.
The manageable size of this congress should contribute to the exchange between disciplines, to promote collaborative investigations, and to stimulate research in new areas. The facilities at the University of Konstanz and the beautiful city of Konstanz with its old town and stimulating environments will complement the scientific program and will provide participants and guests with an enjoyable and relaxing ambience.

We wish you a successful meeting and a pleasant stay in Konstanz!

Sandro Ghisla, Peter M.H. Kroneck, Peter Macheroux, Horst Sund

We recommend that you frequently check our website for the latest news. There is also a lot of information about the congress location and sight-seeing tours. Last but not least you can find an up-to-date version of the congress program.


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