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How to reach us

By plane:

The nearest airports are in Zürich (Switzerland) and Stuttgart. There is also a small airport in Friedrichshafen, on the other side of the lake.

From Stuttgart and Zürich you can easily get to Konstanz by train, from Friedrichshafen it is a little more difficult: Take the bus to "Meersburg/Fähre", then take the ferry across the Bodensee. Use bus No. 1 at the bus station when you get off the ferry. Change to bus No. 9A or 9B at the bus station "Tannenhof" or "Sternenplatz". These go directly to the university.

By train:

You can easily find train schedules on the WWW sites of either the german, or the swiss railroad companies.

German Rail time table:

Swiss Rail time table:

Buy a ticket to "Konstanz Hauptbahnhof" (or to "Konstanz" if you come from Zurich). Then use bus No. 9A or 9B, which go directly to the University every 15 min. The bus stop is next to the train station on the right side.

By car:

  • From Stuttgart:
    Via the Autobahn A81, turn to direction Konstanz at Singen. At the end of the Autobahn follow the road B33 to Konstanz.
    Once you are in Konstanz: Drive straight on, follow the signs "Universität".
  • From Zürich (Switzerland): Use the Autobahn N7, direction Kreuzlingen-Konstanz. After crossing the German border between Kreuzlingen and Konstanz, you are right in the city of Konstanz. Follow the signs in direction "Singen", then follow the signs "Universität".

Once you are at the university: The building is large and looks a little confusing at the first sight. But there is an overview plan of the building in the entrance hall, near the exit to the bus station.


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